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1.1 million cases of Cancer in India Are Reported Annually : Dr Naresh Purohit

Bhopal 08.11.2021. In India nearly 1.1 million cases of cancer are being reported every year.
There has been a sharp rise in breast cancer cases from 10 lakh to 17 lakh every year, Dr Naresh Purohit, Advisor- National Cancer Control Programme was sharing his concern on the rise in cancer cases on the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day .

Noted Cancer Epidemiologist averred that cancer is seen more in the 40-50 years age-group, although it is likely to affect even those in their 30s. Most cases are reported in urban areas.

He cautioned that cancer will have serious consequences if it goes unchecked.
He advised people to take precautions like maintaining a nutritious balanced diet, regular exercise and undergo regular medical check-up.
Citing his recent research report titled ‘Call for Action: Expanding Cancer Care For Women In India,’ published in the European Journal of Cancer acclaimed Physician Dr Purohit said that
cancer among women in India is estimated at 700,000. India topped the list for mortality for breast and cervical cancers and reported the second highest incidence for ovarian cancer globally.
He revealed in his report one woman dies of cervical cancer every eight minutes in India. The average age of breast cancer in India is almost a decade lower than in the West. One of every two woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer doesn’t survive in this country.
He said in the report that the Indian healthcare system is already overburdened —the government spends a mere 1.2% of gross domestic product or GDP on healthcare—and research for women’s health are way below in the list of priorities. Breast cancer is largely urban disease related to lifestyle, late marriages, late or no pregnancies and other factors

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