Affordability makes Ukraine top choice for medical students

Bhopal 02.03.2022. The demand among students for medical education, the limited merit seats available and the exorbitant fees in private medical colleges drive many aspiring doctors abroad. A medical education from a university abroad at an affordable cost appears like the best bet for those who can’t make it through the tough landscape of medical admissions in India. But once they land on foreign soil, reality bites them really hard. Students from Madhya Pradesh in universities in Ukraine at the moment are facing the worst of it as Russia has invaded the country, informed Dr Naresh Purohit, Executive Member of the Federation of Hospital Administrator.

Worried on this issue , Principal Investigator for the Association of Studies for Medical Education- Dr Purohit said in a statement released that
the Russian invasion of Ukraine has left hundreds of parents across the state in jitters as their wards are frantically appealing for safe passage out of the eastern European nation amid a worsening military crisis.
According to Dr Purohit it is easier to get admission in any of the colleges of Ukraine or Russia as there are no entrance tests and the cost of education is also affordable compared to India. “Most of these students will either be ineligible to get through the NEET or cannot afford the cost of medical education under the management quota,” he explained.

He said , on an average, about 10,000 students go to Ukraine every year to pursue medical, dental and veterinary courses
He said, “If one looks at the fee structure, one can finish the entire MBBS course in Ukraine just by spending one-year fees charged by the private medical colleges here under the management quota.”
He revealed that the approximate expenditure for the six-year MBBS course in Ukraine would cost around Rs 17 lakh and another Rs 3.5 lakh on the accommodation. But, in India, one would end up spending about Rs 1 crore per year for the four-and-a-half- years MBBS.

Dr Purohit categorically said that even after the medical students arrive safely in India, the road ahead looks bumpy for them.
He pointed that the rules don’t allow medical students from abroad to switch to Indian colleges or even to other institutions abroad midway through their courses.The National Medical Commission, the regulator for medical education in India, mandates that foreign medical students must complete an MBBS course of at least 54 months and a year of internship at the same overseas institution.
He averred that Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations of 2021 state that the entire course, training and internship shall be done outside India “in the same foreign medical institution throughout the course of study and no part of medical training and internship shall be done in India or any other country other than country from where the primary medical qualification is obtained.”
“Clearing the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), conducted by the National Board of Examination under the Union health ministry is a must for MBBS graduates from abroad to obtain a licence and practice medicine in the country.”added he

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