Ujjain 13.03.2019. As per the Medical Council of India (MCI) order dated January 29, each medical college premises in the country must have three cameras – one each in the class rooms, practical labs (pathology lab) and the OPD. It would be applicable both for the private and government -run medical colleges.
” The feed would be saved in the college and at a central server at MCI. It would be reviewed randomly to ascertain attendance” said Dr Naresh Purohit Executive Member of the Indian Federation of Hospital Administrators .
Dr Purohit participated in a meeting of MCI officials in Delhi recently. He informed Blue Eyes that a nodal officer has been appointed in each of the medical colleges. The new system is intended to rule out possibility of foul play by any medical colleges during MCI inspections.
Putting a check on
“Ghost ” faculty, Medical Council of India has issued directives to all 16 medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh to install IP cameras in classrooms, OPD registration counters. The live feed would be directly linked to the servers of the council headquarter in Delhi.
The circular to install IP camera monitoring is an upgrade to MCI surveillance instruction of 2015 to install radio frequency identification (RFID) system. However MCI plan for faculty and residents in medical colleges to be identified using biometrics and Aadhaar card, has been a non-starter.
Dr Purohit said earlier, the circular intended to keep a tab and track on movement of faculty in campus with the help of radio frequency identification (RFID)surveillane. RFID tracking system was supposed to have log data of movement of doctors – in and out of campus- keeping a check on private practice during work hours. The scheme, however never took off.
– Each of the 550
colleges across the country to have at least three CCTV cameras each.
– Overall design considered for 1650 cameras.
-CCTVs to be directly linked with IP/web to be monitored in MCI, Delhi
– IP camera must have ability to configure 1fps with 500 to 1000 Kbps bit rate to transmit videos.
– Data centre, command control and videos storage to be centralised with MCI, Delhi.
– CAT-6 cables being laid along with 1KVA UPS power backup.

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