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Children of high-risk parents should be vaccinated on priority

Bhopal 22.11.2021. Amid talks of rolling out the Covid-19 vaccination programme for children by the end of next month or early January, Dr Naresh Purohit, Advisor- National Immunisation Programme suggested in a scientific report mailed to the Union Health Minister that children of high-risk parents, too, should be vaccinated on priority apart from children with comorbidities.

Sharing concern on the issue of vaccinating kids of high-risk parents against covid Dr Purohit
said that children, who are generally asymptomatic carriers, can pass on the infection to their parents, who are in the high-risk category.
Citing that the children of high-risk category parents can be a carrier to spread the infection to them even if the parents are vaccinated, because of low immunity. That’s the strong reason to consider vaccinating these children on priority too.
Dr Purohit
pointed that these suggestions are made in case there is a shortage of vaccines for children, like we had in the initial days when the covid vaccination drive for the adult population began. He averred that if we have enough vaccines to vaccinate the entire children population, then we should vaccinate all of them at the earliest.
He emphasised to hold special vaccination drives at schools for wider coverage.

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