Elections are getting over

New delhi 23.05.2019. 2 Astrologers, 1 from chennai and 1 from gujarat, had accurately read kundli of Modi on TV in 2007 which read as follows

He will move to delhi in mid of 2013.

Become PM in 2014 with 285 seats.

Become PM again in 2019 with 290 seats

He will remain PM till 2024. After which he will act as guide to next PM (may be Devendra Fadnvis who is being trained or it may be Yogi whose kundli reads he will become PM. Smruti Iranis kundli reads she will become president one day)

After 2026 Modi will return to Himalaya and will never come back to society. At the age of 17 he left home and went for meditation in Himalayas for 2 years. Then his Guru sent him back saying you return to Himalayas after you have finished serving the people of this country. The people need you.

Rahul Gandhi will not hold any position in any government in this birth

Priyanka Gandhi will quit politics after 2020.

High profile politicians who syphoned money will start going behind bars from 2020 for their wrong doings of the past.

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