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Evading Covid -l9 Testing Fuels Transmission Of Omicron : Dr Purohit

Bhopal 15.01.2022. It is observed amid the continuous rise in COVID-19 cases driven by the Omicron variant in Bhopal that netizens are evading the testing . It is important that people get tested to break the chain of transmission as avoiding the test and just assuming the presence or absence of COVID infection will lead to carelessness, said Dr Naresh Purohit, Advisor – National Communicable Disease Control Programme.
Raising concerns around the common misconception among the public regarding the virus, Senior Epidemiologist Dr Purohit said that if one just presumes that one is COVID positive without any test, one would not take isolation measures as strictly as it should be taken. Therefore, it is important that one gets tested and then go through strict isolation measures so that we can break the transmission chain.
Dr Purohit averred that Omicron variant has been causing a surge in the Covid-19 infection across the world. The number of hospitalisations is less, but the spread of infection is faster, owing to a high number of mutations the Omicron possesses.
He said categorically not to consider this virus as common cold because hospitalization has risen.
“Three things have come to light after analyzing data of the country gathered in the last three weeks . First, active COVID-19 cases have seen a steep rise by many folds. Second, the rate of hospitalizations has increased but not at the same rate as witnessed in the rise of cases and last one being, the death toll has also gone up several folds,” said he

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