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Fraud of Rs. 150-200 Crores Done by Home Shop18

NEW DELHI 30.09.2019. Home Shop 18 Vendors Association sellers of TV shopping marketplace are organizing a Press Conference to Highlight the Fraud of Rs. 150-200 Crore done by HomeShop18 . It has fraudulently usurped Rs. 150-200 Crore of money which it collected from consumers on behalf of the sellers acting as an intermediary. Dues have accrued since the time the company was a part of Network18 group. Due to fear of Powerful people behind it, there is inaction by Police, Administration, Ministries and other government agencies. Inspite of several attempts to lodge FIR against FRAUD , Police Station at Noida has bluntly refused to lodge an FIR and investigate the matter.

Vendor Association shall also be presenting reply by Reserve Bank of India under whom this offence is a punishable offence and share their plight along with documentary evidences against Home Shop 18 . ome Shop 18 Vendor Association represents more than 1500 families who have been cheated of their hard earned money and left with financial bankruptcy .

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