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igg Boss 13 Fame Arti Singh Lost 5 Kgs During Quarantine, Shared Her ‘Before’ & ‘After’ Pic

New delhi 16.04.2020. The coronavirus outbreak forced the Indian government to impose a lockdown of 21 days starting March 25 as undoubtedly, prevention is better than cure. The best way to break the chain of transmission of virus is to keep people at home and in order to further reduce the risk of COVID-19, the lockdown which was supposed to end on April 15 has now been extended till May 3.

People all over the country are forced to stay inside their houses and while Bollywood and TV actors are making good use of social media networks by spreading awareness about coronavirus, chatting with colleagues and interacting with fans, there is one TV actress who is using quarantine in achieving her fitness goals.We are talking about TV actress and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh who has been working out rigorously and has lost 5 kgs of weight in a month’s duration. Recently, the actress took to her Instagram account and posted a collage of two photos, the first one is being clicked on 15th March 2020 while the second one is clicked on the day when she made the post, April 13.

First of all, take a look at her mind-blowing transformation pic: In her post, Arti has also talked about how she achieved this fitness goal. She addresses her abs which can be seen now a little bit and she is sure that she is on the right path. She also reveals that she doesn’t work out much; she does 50 minutes of yoga and 40 minutes of brisk walk every alternate day. She keeps a check on her diet but she also keeps a cheat day on which she eats a lot. She says that she respects those who lead a very disciplined life but she can’t be like them and she is fine with achieving her goals in a slow but steady manner.Arti has done acting in serials earlier as well but her popularity increased manifold after she participated in the reality show Bigg Boss 13. She may not have won the show but she was certainly one of the most talked about contestants of BB13. Moreover, she became the first captain of the house after being voted as the weakest participant by the inmates.

What Arti Singh is doing at the moment in her home is an inspiration for many as devoting this time for keeping ourselves fit will bring big changes in our lives in the future.

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