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India Retains The Distinction Of Being TB Capital Of The World

Ujjain 12.01.2018. Tuberculosis is India’s biggest health issue. According to the latest Global TB Report-2017 27 lakh new cases of TB were reported in 2016.
An estimated of 5.58 lakh people developed drug-resistat tuberculosis (DR-TB) in 2017, but only 25% were treated.
Speaking about new tuberculosis drugs, National Tuberculosis Control Programme Advisor-Dr Naresh Purohit said at a Regional Continuing Medical Education Programme  at Government Medical College, Kota,” While India is still to make newer anti-tuberculosis drugs such as bedaquiline and delamanid widely available to patients suffering from drug-resistant TB, World Health Organisation ( WHO) has announced that these drugs can now be safely given to children as young as six and three years old respectively.”
Delivering the key-note address at the CME programme as a guest speaker Dr Purohit said that the WHO issued a statement recently that based on results of clinical trials running since 2011 ,”bedaquiline may now be given to children aged six years and more and delamanid from three years of age.”
Recently, the WHO drastically changed, its recommendations for treatment of MDR-TB, eight month courses of daily injections were rejected in favour of  oral medicines and the newer medicines with fewer side effects were added as the first line of treatment. Delamanid works very well on pediatric patients.
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