Lifestyle Diseases Need Urgent Attention.

Ujjain 31.12.2018. In the surge of globalisation as modern ways open India’s door to lifestyle excesses- dreaded diseases stalk the expanding middle  and upper classes. Chronic diseases stand almost as totems of success in India now, said an expert.
According to the recent World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Burden of Disease Study over 40 percent of adults in urban India, between 30 and 65 years of age are seriousy overweight, death from cardiovascular diseases is nearly 10 million, about 10 lakh new cases of cancer are reported every year. Diabetes is projected to stake claim to 57 million people in 2025. And respiratory diseases by air pollution alone take away two billion productive days every year.
Dr Naresh Purohit, Visiting Professor in Preventive Cardiology at the North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health And Medical Sciences, Shillong said in his research study titled ” Havoc Caused by Lifestyle Diseases”that lifestyle diseases are engulfing the country-  snuffing out lives and taking away productive years. The future looks menacing as India modernises at blinding speed.
Dr Purohit presented his study at a Regional Conference on Recent Medical Challenges at the Regional Institute Of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong.
Principal investigator and author of the study, Dr Purohit, said at the beginning of the 20th century, only 10 percent of the population in India had heart ailments. But in 2010 the percentage increased to 40.Various factors contributed to this increase, and one of the major reasons was use of edible oils in foods.
It is because India is so youthful half the population is under 25-that the future of lifestyle diseases appears so chilling. Diet control, physical exercise and stress free life were the three main principles one should follow. This would help in avoiding heart-related problems, he added.
He observed in his study that 12 million lives were lost from 2010-2016 due to cardiovascular diseases in India and there is a six-fold rise in heart diseases in urban India in last five decades.
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