Love Is Unpredictable And Complex: Dr Purohit

Bhopal 15.02.2022. Executive Member of the Association of Studies for Mental Care, Dr Naresh Purohit said that love isn’t about matters of the heart, but actually about brain chemistry , a chemistry that’s so intense, so strong, so focused on bringing people together for the sake of prolonging the species, that it’s actually a madness to be in love.Love is, for the sake of argument, a form of mental illness and probably the only one that society accepts without a stigma attached to it. Love is a paradoxical disease and is unpredictable and complex.

National Mental Health Programme,
Advisor Dr Purohit speaking at a webinar on Monday organised by the Bhopal based People’s College of Medical Sciences and Research said that science is beginning to pay more attention to the chemical storm that romantic love can trigger in our brains. Recent studies of brain scans show that being in love causes changes in the brain that are strikingly similar to serious health problems like drug addiction and obsessive- compulsive disorder (OCD).

He averred that evidence of romantic love has been found in almost 200 societies. Each love, and how these societies express it are different in their own way, but it’s still a love of a romantic nature, and one that starts with infatuation and ends with attachment.

Noted Disaster Mental Health Expert Dr Purohit said that the experience of love is underpinned by four neurochemicals: oxytocin, dopamine, beta-endorphin and serotonin. Oxytocin is key at the start of relationships because it lowers our inhibitions to making new bonds, then dopamine motivates and rewards us for carrying out this survival critical behaviour. Serotonin underpins the obsessive elements of love, while beta-endorphin addicts us to love in the long term.

Epidemiologist Dr Purohit stated that Iove is a dangerous disease. While being in love can have many positive psychological effects on our daily lives, it can be a liability and also be the harbinger of death and despair. It is therefore classified as a psychological affliction.
He pointed that while being in a secure, stable, and committed relationship prolongs life, becoming romantically attached to the wrong person, suffering through breakups, and experiencing the heartache that so often comes with love can shorten ones life.
He observed that among the most troubling effects of love is its tendency to suspend rational judgement and logic. It may very well be true that love is blind, and it is not always a good thing.

He revealed that many research studies all over the world show that people in bad relationships (usually characterized by constant stress, lack of emotional support, infidelity etc.) are at higher risk of experiencing heart problems and early death.

Other Experts said that love is a plain reaction of chemicals secreted by the brain .The pleasure associated with the feeling of ‘being in love’ comes from the effect of a class of chemicals known as endorphins which act on the brain much the same way as opioids.

They said that emotion of romantic love also comes with an increase in dopamine and nor epinephrine levels in the brain.These chemicals create connections in the brain which make the brain more emotionally attached to the ‘loved one’ and activate the reward centre of the brain leading to a pleasurable experience.

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