Mobocracy May Spell Doom For The Medical Profession.

Ujjain 10.07.2019. Health-care  professionals are four times more likely to be injured and away from work as compared to other professionals
This is mainly due to the fact that a doctor often deals with a person when he/she is in a stressful and emotionally taxing situation.
Dr Naresh Purohit, who is the Executive Member of the Federation of Hospital Administrators   made the observation while presenting his research study at a National Seminar on “Security Issues of Doctors In Health- Care Institutions” at (IIM-Kolkata) Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.
“Recurring Violence and vandalism in government hospitals is the work of secondary parties -relatives of the patient, political party goons, and in some cases police-rather than patient themselves. The recurring violence in these institutions is a symptom of the general dysfunction of the healthcare system.”averred Dr Purohit.
The Principal Author of the study Dr Purohit  told Blue Eyes that the reason for violence against doctors is not just money, but long waiting periods, unavailability of crucial investigations, inordinate delay in referral and unhygienic and extremely crowded conditions.
According to his study 75% of doctors in UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Delhi have faced violence at their workplace at one time or the other.
“Violence against doctor is a serious concern and there is urgent need to make health care facilities safe havens for doctors and medical professionals” he revealed in his study.
-It is impossible to curb violence against doctors unless there is definitely a complete overhaul of the existing economic system and healthcare system, with increased communication between the doctors and patients, filling crucial gaps in communication between doctors, patients and relatives. Doctors should be not be overburdened and should have enough time to exchange the prognosis, complications and side effects of treatment with patients and their relatives. Doctors should play a proactive role and ensure ethical medical practice. The medical curriculum should include soft-skills and communication skills required to empathise, remain calm and be patient irrespective of repeated prodding by the anxious patients. Rather than intimidating the doctors and nurses by barging into wards and shelling them with a barrage of questions even as they grapple with the high patient inflow in available infrastructure, it is important for the media to play a responsible role in bringing out the best of the doctors and project role models such that the others are inspired to be ethical.
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