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Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express to run from 19 January. Timings, stoppages, other details

Mumbai 30.12.2019. Indian Railways is going to introduce new Tejas Express train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai Central. The new Tejas Express will run six day a week except on Thursdays.

On its inaugural run on 17 January, Train no. 09426 Ahmedabad-Mumbai Central Tejas express will leave Ahmedabad at 09:30 hrs and will reach Mumbai Central at 16:00 hrs .

Similarly, in return direction, train No. 09425 Mumbai Central -Ahmedabad will depart from Mumbai Central at 17:15 hrs and will arrive Ahmedabad at 23:30 hrs.

On its regular run from 19 January, Train No. 82902 Ahmedabad -Mumbai Central Tejas Express will leave Ahmedabad at 06:40 hrs and will reach Mumbai Central at 13:10 hrs.

In return direction train No. 82901 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Tejas Express (Except Thursday) will depart Mumbai Central at 15:40 hrs and will arrive Ahmedabad at 21:55 hrs .

The Tejas Express will halt at Nadiad, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Vapi and Borivali stations on both directions.

The train will leave Ahmedabad at 6.40am and will reach Nadiad at 07.19am, Vadodara at 08.03am, Bharuch at 08.56am, Surat at 09.35am, Vapi at 10.55am, Borivali at 12,31pm before ending its journey at Mumbai Central at 01.30pm.

On its return journey, the Tejas Express will leave Mumbai at 03.40pm and wil stop enroute at Borivali at 04.14pm, Vapi 05.37pm, Surat at 06.47pm, Bharuch at 07.29pm, Vadodara at 08.18pm,Nadiad at 09.03pm and Ahmedabad at 09.55pm.

According to a statement issued by the Western Railways zone of Indian Railways, Tejas Express will offer world- class comfort and facilities to passengers.

The fully air-conditioned Tejas has several modern features such as sliding doors, personalized reading lights, mobile charging points, attendant call buttons, bio-toilets, automatic entry and exit doors, CCTV cameras, reclining facility, comfortable seats, etc.

This train will have Chair car and Executive Chair car .The Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Tejas Express — also to be run by the IRCTC after the Lucknow-Delhi Tejas Express, the railways’ first train to be run by its subsidiary IRCTC.

Bringing in private train operators to provide world-class passenger service was a proposal mooted by the railways in its 100-day plan. Sources said handing over the two Tejas Express trains to IRCTC was a first step towards that.

IRCTC will have the rights for advertisements inside and outside the coaches, including branding of the trains. It can also make modifications inside the rake without affecting its structural safety.

IRCTC will be allowed to use the railways’ web portal for ticketing for a year and the revenue accounts of these two trains would be maintained separately, the sources said. The Railway Board has instructed IRCTC to develop its own ticketing system simultaneously.

The trains will have 18 coaches each. However, IRCTC will be allowed to run the trains with a minimum of 12 coaches for a period of one year. The haulage charges would be calculated per trip, based on the number of coaches used on each trip or 12 coaches, whichever is higher.

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