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New BJP President Will Be Appointed By December: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI 15.10.2019. BJP president Amit Shah on Monday said he will make way for a new leader to head the party when its organisational elections are held later this year.
Mr Shah, who is also the Union Home Minister, said a new party president is expected to take charge by December.

Speaking to India Today, Mr Shah dismissed the notion that he will remain the “super power” running the party from behind the scene, saying similar claims were made when he took over as the BJP chief in 2014, and once his replacement starts running the organisation such speculation will end.

“This (BJP) is not the Congress and nobody can run it from behind the scene,” he said, stating that the party will be run as per its constitution.

With the BJP generally following the norm of ”one person one post”, it was expected that Mr Shah will make way for a new leader after being inducted in the Union cabinet.

“Elections (organisational) are going on. A new president will assume responsibility by December and take charge of the party’s affairs,” he said in his first comments on the matter.

Maharashtra and Haryana are going to polls on October 21. The counting will take place on October 24.

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