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Over-Weight Babies Develop Diabetes And Cardiovascular Diseases During Middle Age: Dr Purohit

Ujjain 25.12.2018. There’s no magic mantra for a healthy pregnancy diet. The concept of eating for two during pregnancy is clearly a myth. Pregnant women in India are pampered with meals rich in ghee,sugar & meat to ensure that the baby is plump and chubby but it may not be the route to good health for the newborn, reveals an expert.
Dr Naresh Purohit, Executive Member of the Indian Society For Prenatal Diagnosis And Therapy said in his research study that high fat diet during pregnancy could be programming the baby for  obesity and diabetes in future even if the expectant mother is not obese or diabetic.
Dr Purohit, who presented his study at a National Continuing Medical Education  Programme (CME) on antenatal care  organised by Burdwan Medical College, Burdwan.He coined the term fetal programming based on data from umpteen epidemiological studies across the globe, to demonstrate that metabolic diseases have their origin in early life nutritional experience, including gestation and lactation period.
Principal Investigator of the the study Dr Purohit observed in his study that in India, pregnant women are asked to consume large amount of ghee and oil , especially during the last trimester , as it supposedly lubricates and paves way for normal delivery. This myth puts expectant mothers at a risk of unnecessary weight gain and predisposes the child to obesity.
Chronic consumption of a high fat diet during the antenatal period results in significant increase in body weight and plasma levels of insulin, glucose and triglycerides during pregnancy, averred he.
” The antenatal environment predisposes the baby to the risk of developing insulin resistance and associated cardiovascular diseases (part of metabolic syndrome) during middle age’ explained he.
He revealed in his study that the environment within the womb has long term implications for the baby and hence optimising food is important. He said pregnant women who consume high fat and high carbohydrate diet develop a condition called macrozomia, where the baby is overweight and highly prone to diabetes in future. Obstetrics patients rarely see a dietician unless they’re having medical problems. Although healthy weight gain is important, nutritional guidance is a must for all pregnant women and their babies.
According to his study, a woman with normal weight during pregnancy needs about 300 extra calories per day for her and her baby’s growth. One need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy unsaturated fats from nuts and oils in the required quantity.
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