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Petition Filed in Supreme Court Against Pension To Politicians

New delhi 22.10.2019. Share & Support this Cause Now a leader of the leaders has filed a PIL in the Supreme Court, sending it for your assessment ..

Dear / respected citizens of India … You are requested to read this message and if you agree then Please send to all the people in your contact and in turn ask them to forward further also.

In three days, this message should be in entire India. Every citizen should raise voice in India. __

2018 Improvement Act

MPs should not get pension because politics is not a job or employment, but a free service. – Politics is an election under the Public Representation Act, there is no retirement, but they can be re-elected in the same situation again. (Currently they get pension, after 5 years of service).

One more disorder in this is that if a person has been a councilor first, then becomes a legislator and then becomes an MP, then he gets not one but three pensions.

This is a great betrayal with the citizens of the country who immediately have to ACT to stop this…

With the Central Pay Commission, salary allowance of MPs is being revised ….This should be brought under the income tax….

At present, MPs increase their salaries and allowances arbitrarily by voting for themselves and at that time all the parties are united.

MPs health care system should be discarded.. and health care like public health of India should take care of them like any other citizen.. Presently their treatment often is done abroad.. if they have to get it done abroad, they should get it done at their own expense.

All concessions to them, such as, electricity, water and phone bill should end. (They not only get many such concessions but they also increase them regularly) –

Criminals should be prevented from contesting elections, suspicious persons with punitive records, criminal charges and determination, past or present should be banned from the Parliament..

Financial losses caused by them, due to politicians in the office, should also be recovered from them, their nominees, properties – MPs should also follow the same rules applicable to common citizens.

No deduction on LPG gas subsidy by the citizens… unless the subsidies available to MPs and MLAs, & Other subsidies, including subsidized food in the Parliament canteen, are not withdrawn.

Serving in the Parliament is an honor, not a lucrative career for looting.

Free rail and airplane travel should stop.

Why does the common man have to bear their fun?

If every person communicates with at least twenty people, most people in India will take only three days to get this message.

Don’t you think this is the right time to raise this issue?

If you agree with the above, then forward it.

If not, just delete it.

You are one of my 20+ please continue this …

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