Rising Healthcare Expenditure On Diabetes Among Indians

Ujjain 14.11.2018. The mounting prevalence of diabetes with complications like obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol among Indians is leading to spiralling cost of treatment and a massive burden on out of pocket expenditure. The total healthcare expenditure on diabetes in India was
estimated at 31 billion dollars in 2017 with 86% of rural and 82% of urban population in India having to bear the costs of disease management through out-of pocket expenses . National Diabetes Forum Executive Member Dr Naresh Purohit underlined the above mentioned facts in his new study published in Asian Medical Journal.
Principal Investigator and Executor of the study Dr Purohit told Blue Eyes that a study of diabetic patients began in 2016 by the Interstate Cooperative Diabetes Research Group . The study revealed that the expenditure of an average Indian patient with type 2 diabetes was estimated to be dollars 95 per year. The costs of care include direct, indirect, and intangible costs.
Though use of low cost drugs and insulin have helped keep the expenditure on diabetes management under check, the enormous cost is driven by increasing prevalence of diabetes, mainly with complications.
Dr Purohit also observed that gradually use of (and thus expenditure on) newer oral drugs and insulins are increasing in India.
Diabetes prevalence has increased by 64% across India over the quarter century . According to WHO, India’s diabetes population totalled 74 million in 2017 and it is estimated to reach 134.3 million people by 2045.
“When complications occur these costs increase exponentially particularly when insulin is initiated or admission to hospital or surgery are required.” says Dr Purohit.
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