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Several BJP Leaders in MP Are Still in Touch With Me, Claims Congress’ Kamal Nath

Bhopal 04.05.2020. Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister and senior Congress leader Kamal Nath said on Sunday that many Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders are still in touch with him and things would come to fore at an opportune moment.

Nath, who addressed a video press conference on Sunday, said “Several of BJP leaders are still in my touch and the present cabinet, led by BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan, would have to face it all soon.”Nath was forced to resign on March 20 as the chief minister a couple of hours before a floor test in the Assembly for which the Congress did not have the numbers days after senior party leader and former MP Jyotiraditya Scindia crossed over to the BJP with over 20 of his loyalists.

Soon after Chouhan was sworn in as the chief minister of the state that has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Days ahead of Nath’s resignation, both the camps had claimed that they were in talks with a number of party leaders.

The veteran Congress leader’s remark on Sunday came when asked if such BJP leaders were still in talks with him. Nath had earlier taken a dig at Chouhan cabinet which functioned without any minister for days.

Recently, five ministers were sworn in and they have been temporarily given charge of particular areas in the state in the wake of the pandemic.
Nath said it is not yet clear who and which districts would finally get representations in Chouhan’s cabinet once the health crisis normalises.

“Despite an economic meltdown amid the COVID-19 outbreak, why cannot this government have a cabinet?” Nath had said.

Madhya Pradesh is due for bypolls in at least 24 Assembly constituencies and both the camps are eyeing as many number of seats.

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