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Strengthening Hope During COVID Using Lessons Of Bhagavad Gita: Dr Purohit

Bhopal 13.09.2021. As per the recent British High Commission report on mental health one out of two young people are subject to anxiety and depression during the pandemic across the globe and there are scant efforts to handle this psycodemic. The young apart, the old as well as the children, are also suffering from the mental distress. The Covid-19 protocol further adds to stress and fear.
Hope is a well-known construct of positive psychology which is linked with improved physical health and better psychological well-being.
A positive psychological approach during COVID pandemic is the strong call of the present time. Elevating positivity and motivation among individuals is the need of the hour.
In the face of this current infection, hope can be strengthened by using the teachings of bhagavad gita – National Mental Health Programme , Advisor-Dr Naresh Purohit told Blue Eyes
after delivering a key note address at a webinar on Managing Stress During Pandemic organised by the Bhopal based People’s College Of Medical Sciences and Research recently.

Association of Studies for Mental Care , Executive Member Dr Purohit informed that fear of the pandemic and its impact on human mind is agonising. And the answers to this pandemic can be found in the lessons of Bhagavad Gita.

Noted Disaster Mental Health Expert Dr Purohit averred that Bhagavad Gita is a popular Hindu scripture which is a source of empowering spiritual knowledge that covers variety of domains including yoga, karmic wisdom and nature of soul. Knowledge and understanding of bhagavad gita on a regular basis can be used to ignite hope in the minds of anxious and stressful people of the society and perhaps, show us the way to cope with corona fear and anxiety.

Acclaimed physician Dr Purohit stated that many of us, like Arjuna, are burdened with anxiety and fear of the impending war and seem to have given up. It is this giving up that is the most dangerous of all the psychological states that leads to most of the problems of mental health. Arjuna, out of fear of adverse outcome, tells the Lord that he sees little point in fighting the war which he is not sure to win. Rather, in the heart of his hearts, he thinks he is going to lose. It is then that Lord Krishna recites his essential Gita lessons, suggesting why fighting is important, winning or losing. being of little consequence. So Krishna tells Arjuna to drive away his fear and ready himself for the war.

Dr Purohit averred we are in a similar plight in this Covid situation and our fear is of defeat or death and anxiety of uncertainty of the outcome.

He further said that the principal lessons of Gita can be summed up in the following basic tenets. First and foremost is to drive away your fears and submit to the Lord with full faith. The second is to prepare yourself to fight and for this you need to learn to control your mind, which is the biggest distraction. The third tenet is to focus on effort and not to worry about the results. Worrying about the results will sap vital energy you need to apply, in order to put wholehearted efforts. The results are not in our hands as some other force controls the outcome. One only have right to efforts. But the Lord also says that if efforts are put in wholeheartedly and with full faith in Lord results will be achieved.

Dr Purohit cautioned as the battle with Corona is still on, fear is the biggest detriment in influencing the efficacy of our response.

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