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Study reveals, over 47% kids have low frustration tolerance levels.

Ujjain 25.09.2018. Confusion and inability to express feelings of anger among over 47 percent of school students of Madhya Pradesh in the age group of 10-15 years is leading to behaviour outbursts, bullying, and other disruptive behaviour among kids, reveals a study.
National Community Mental Health Programme Advisor- Dr Naresh Purohit underlined in his recent study done under the patronage of ICMR in last two years on 5000 school children from Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur.
Speaking to Blue Eyes principal Investigator and author of the study Dr Purohit said that 19.25 percent of children have significant anger issues & this may lead to behavioural disruption if not addressed on an urgent basis. If not controlled , this anger results into aggression.
Dr Purohit said”Anger is a normal and useful emotion. It can tell children that things are not fair or right. But, the tough task at hand is to prevent it from getting converted into aggression.”
The study concluded that parents and teachers should watch out for a child’s behaviour becoming aggressive because of anger.”
We should show a child that we accept their feelings while the kids should be told about other ways to express the feelings, children tend to get angry mostly when they are compared with peers” he added.
He said,”Parents and teachers don’t understand child’s emotions while comparing. They tend to react violently sometimes”
According to the study peer pressure is another reason, that develops anger issues among kids as this is the time when peers are more influential than anyone else. When a child is exposed to an environment where his peers are being allowed to do things that he or she is not allowed for, in such cases the kids become irritable & angry towards their elders for making them the odd one out.
Tips for curbing blood rush-
– Talk it out with someone.
– Count 1 to 50
– Deep breathing
– Find a place to be alone
– Listen to music
– Clean or organize your room
– Walk Jog or exercise.
– Write about what made you mad.
– Talk to yourself
– Play a sport

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