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This may be the reason why WhatsApp is launching ‘delete messages’ feature

New Delhi 29.12.2019 a mong all the new features that WhatsApp is likely to get in 2020, the ‘disappearing messages’ feature also known as ‘delete messages’ is one of the most talked about. That feature is reported to automatically remove messages after a certain amount of time. It was first reported by WABetaInfo, the website that tracks upcoming changes in WhatsApp. A new report in WABetaInfo now claims that the ‘delete messages’ feature will be a “cleaning tool” for group chats.
“The first hidden tracks of the feature were spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.275 update. Although we published the screenshot only from the Group Info section, we had announced that the feature would be available for individual chats too. In the WhatsApp beta for Android 2.19.348 update, we’ve noticed some changes for the feature that WhatsApp is working on: new time options and the feature renamed to Delete messages (available in future). Even though previous traces of the ‘delete messages’ feature were spotted in Group Chats, the feature has always been expected to reach individual chats as well,” says the report.
The report further adds, “Investigating, we have discovered that the WhatsApp team has changed its plans about how the feature should work, becoming a sort of “cleaning tool” for groups.” This means that WhatsApp may be introducing the feature as a ‘cleaning tool’ for Groups. And also those, who were waiting for the feature for individual chats may have to find a workaround to use it.
The report also claims that WhatsApp is exploring new time options for the feature. As per the screenshots shared by the website, there will be five time options: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. The first reports about the feature showed only two options: 5 seconds and 1 hour.

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