Urgent Need To Curb The Spread of Novel Coranavirus Cases.

Ujjain 28.03.2020. The fast spreading Covid disease that jumped from animals to humans in China has now infected about 200,000 people and caused nearly 8,300 deaths in 164 nations. India houses some of the most densely populated cities in the world, where people are forced to live in cramped spaces and travel in packed metros and buses every day. With novel cornavirus (Covid-19) cases on the rise- it is important to understand the urban dimensions of pandemic planning and ensure preventive and curative measures for mitigation. India has to improve its public health facilities drastically so that people are not terrified by the idea of being in isolation wards in government quarantine facilities – Epidemiologist and National Community Health Programme, Advisor Dr Naresh Purohit delivered a key note address at a National Workshop on Social And Economic Cost of Covid-19 held at All India Institute of Medical Sciences,Bhopal
Dr Purohit told Blue Eyes that tracking a virus is like a detective work ,it needs careful monitoring . Instead of waiting for people to show up with symptoms those in contact with him or her should be tested and isolated to contain the spread of the virus.
“Social distancing, self quarantine and forced quarantines should continue and be more strictly enforced. There have been reports of several people breaking quarantines” averred Dr Purohit
Seeking the co-operation of private healthcare sector in fight against Covid 19 , Dr Purohit pointed that this is not a challenge the government alone can take up. India stands nowhere in per capita availability of qualified medical professionals or hospital beds compared to some of the worst-affected European nations.
Dr Purohit explained in his address that the covid-19 virus is crippling supply chains ad reducing the ability of business to function. It is also having a direct impact on income and demand. Factory output has gone down, services in PSUs has started suffering, such as aviation, railways, tourism, hospitality . If the covid fiasco continues trading arrangements will get hit, productivity will decrease, markets will continue crashing.

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