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War Can Have A Massive Amount Of Effects on Physical And Mental Health: Dr Purohit

Bhopal 03.02.2022. Just when we thought there is light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic, our lives are filled with news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The 24-7 news cycle feeds fears of a war spreading across Europe and even globally.
“Non-stop stress and uncertainty leaves a mark on our mental well-being.War can have a massive amount of effect on physical and mental health,” said Dr. Naresh Purohit, Advisor -National Mental Health Programme

Delivering a key note address at a seminar organised by the Bhopal based Chirayu Medical College on Psychological Cost of Russia- Ukraine War Principal Investigator for the Association of Studies for Mental Care, Dr Purohit said that
war is not just a military conflict, it can leave people suffering from several health issues, especially mental health. From experiencing trauma episodes of anxiety to brain fogging, every individual who has survived a conflict like this can suffer a lot post-war scenario.
Noted Disaster Mental Health Expert Dr Purohit stated that residents of Ukraine will understandably be feeling highly emotionally aroused, anxious, and distressed, especially if they have family . They may also feel anger or frustration that not enough is being done to address the situation.

” Refugees, as well as war veterans, may also be at particular risk of distress during this time as the attack on Ukraine can trigger visceral reminders of conflict, death, destruction, loss and associated poverty and hardship.” added he

“These triggers can be associated with exacerbation or new onset of anxiety disorders or depressive states. People from conflict- affected backgrounds in the general population may be more likely to experience distress and anxiety related to the situation in Ukraine because the threat of war or social disruption heightens existing anxious states and feelings of powerlessness associated with past exposure to traumatic events,” explains Dr Purohit
Renowned Physician Dr Purohit said that umpteen psychiatric and psychological studies all over the world have shown that war leaves enduring episodes in almost everyone irrespective of age and gender. Some of the common effects include
anxiety disorders,
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),
Dissociative disorders (disengagement in the external world, depersonalization, derealization)
Behavioral disorders (especially aggression and violent criminal behavior)

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